Aloe Vera Pulp - 980ml


Our raw Pur'Aloé Aloe Vera pulp is manually extracted from the leaves. Aloe plants are cultivated near the extraction room, according to Organic Farming and OperAequa Fair Trade criterias.

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This proximity guarantees the preservation and richness in polysaccharides and other natural constituents of the plant.
Intake of our raw Aloe vera pulp improves intestinal function, transit regulation, helps digestion and getting in shape. 

CONSERVATION ADVICE: This pulp does not contains preservative and must be kept in the fridge after opening where it will keep for up to 4 weeks.

DOSAGE: 2 tablespoon before meals, pure or diluted in fruit juice.

For 2 tablespoon (3cl): 99,6% organic native Aloe vera gel. Antioxydant: ascorbic acid, citric acidNO ADDED WATER.

  • Height - 21,7cm
  • Width - 9,6cm
  • Weight - 1,55kg