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New! Cold saponified Aloe Vera soap

Our Pur’Aloé superfatted soap is a real care and particularly suits dry and sensitive skins. In cold saponification, the soap obtained is not rinsed with water, which helps to preserve the glycerin naturally produced during the reaction.

New! Hair Styling Gel 73% Native Aloe

We are happy to introduce our new
Hair Styling Gel

The ideal product for your hair!

Strong fixation!

Aloe Arborescens Gel

This gel is made mainly with real ARBORESCENS aloe juice, all the original properties of the plant are thus preserved.

This wild aloe is very rich in active ingredients.

Pioneer of Native Aloe Pioneer of Native Aloe
Pioneer of Native Aloe

All our products are designed and manufactured in France, in our Research & Development laboratory in Mane en Provence.

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