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Aloe Arborescens Juice drink 500ml

99,8% ALOE ARBORESCENS JUICE in glass bottle 500 ml

Our Pur’Aloé Aloe Arborescens plants are grown in South Spain WITHOUT artificial fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemical substances.

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Model PAJA500MLP-F


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This juice is obtained from the whole leaves by cold pression.

INGREDIENTS99.8% Aloe Arborescens pulp extract, antioxidant: citric acid. About 6g of Aloe Arborescens per tablespoon.

CONSERVATION ADVICE: This pasteurized pulp does not contains preservative and must be kept in the fridge after opening and consumed quickly. 

USE ADVICE: You will obtain 1300g of preparation by adding to this bottle of juice 750g of organic acacia honey and 50ml of brandy.
1 tablespoon of the upper mix 2x a day before meals.

You can get 1300g of Father Romano Zago’s preparation with this bottle of juice.
Take one tablespoon of the above mixture twice a day before meals.

99,8% Aloe arborescens, antioxydant (citric acid)About 6g of Aloe arborescens for 1 tablespoon.

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