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Aloe Vera: Natural Wonder Cure

by Alasclair Barcroft


We are seeing renewed awareness of Aloe Vera's astonshing properties from the point of view of health. Worshipped by the Egyptians in the days of the Pharaohs as the plant of immortality, used by the Greeks to treat bruising and skin diseases, highly appreciated by the Romans for its anti-perspirant properties, used by Mayan women as a moisturizing agent, and as a softening gel by the inhabitants of the Caribbean islands to treat blisters and insect bites, Aloe Vera is now recognized by scinece and modern medicine. Aloe Vera gel and the many care and hygiene products to which it lends its extraordinary qualities are now on the market with all the guarantees of quality. This book clearly shows the difference between what is proven and what belongs to legend.

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