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Aloe Vera Drinking Gel - 1L

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Our Pur’Aloé gel drink is a thickened juice, which permit to stay longer on the intestinal lining. 
Our gel drink is extracted from the fresh pulp of organically farmed Aloe vera Barbadensis Miller leaves. The leaves are manually picked and peeled to preserve a high concentration of the pulp’s natural elements. All these operations adhere to the Fair Trade standard drawn up by Bioagricoop. 
In Mane en Provence, the juice is chill-filtered to eliminate aloin, as required by food safety regulations. This juice is guaranteed to contain only traces of aloin. 

The raw material, the pulp, is obtained by manually "filleting" the leaf harvested in the producers' fields around the extraction room. It is not heated to preserve the active ingredients. It is kept in different refrigerated tanks. Different stages of filtration then allow the elimination of aloin, which is an undesirable regulated component. Once filtered and purified, our aloe is transformed into 2 products: juices and gels for drinking which are pasteurised & our Pur'biotic fermented juice which is not pasteurised because it is preserved by fermentation. Juices and gels that are neither fermented nor pasteurized are a danger to the health of the consumer:  

Thicker, the gel offers the same benefits as the juice but will remain on the intestinal walls longer and act as a real protection against acidity. It is more suitable than the juice for people wishing to benefit from the virtues of Aloe vera regarding digestive tract disorders. Its consumption will therefore limit the sensation of gastric burns or oesophageal burns linked to gastro-oesophageal reflux or a hiatal hernia. Its healing and anti-inflammatory properties have a positive effect on peptic ulcers. It will also be useful for those suffering from bloating, putrid-smelling flatulence or general difficulties in digestion or elimination.

The reasons why Amandine Poncet, nutritionist-dietician in Villeurbanne, chose Pur'Aloé:

"Ciel d'Azur Labs laboratory won me over because of their strong values and the fact that they are in line with them, from the products to the infrastructure. The buildings in Mane en Provence are ecological and their installations are designed to limit the emission of substances that are harmful to the environment. The Aloe Vera plants are grown in Mexico and the crystal is hand-filtered on site to preserve all the virtues of the Aloe Vera, all this in compliance with the standards of Organic Agriculture and Fair Trade. It is important to me that the products offered have a simple composition. This is also true for Pur'Aloé products. They are pasteurised so as not to alter the product, a process that allows them to incorporate a minimum of preservatives. The juice and gel are not diluted with water and no sugar is added. I support this brand which is consistent with its values from production to distribution and which offers a product of high nutritional quality thanks to all the care it takes during production.

AMANDINE'S LITTLE ADVICE, OUR NUTRITIONIST: The key points of the diet in parallel with the Pur'Aloé vera gel treatment: 

For bloating: 

- Optimal hydration, 

- Alternate between raw and cooked fruit and vegetables for the same reasons as the juice, but pay attention to your tolerance to the quantity and frequency of raw vegetables ingested. Raw vegetables can cause intestinal discomfort if you are already prone to them. In addition, your intestines may not tolerate the skin as it is often high in fibre. It may be necessary to remove it. 

- Don't choose only high-fibre starchy foods as they can be difficult to digest for some. However, there are cereals with a low glycaemic index containing less fibre than those seen above (see juice), such as quinoa, basmati rice, sweet potato, etc. The ideal is to alternate sources. 

For gastro-oesophageal reflux : 

- it will be relevant to limit spices, acidic foods such as tomatoes as well as carbonated drinks.

STORAGE ADVICE: this gel does not contain any preservatives, so it must necessarly be kept in fridge after opening. It will stay fresh as far as 4 weeks.

2 tablespoon before each meal, pure or diluted in fruit juice.

99,27% Organic & Fair Trade Native Aloe Vera (not from powder), thickener: xanthan gum, antioxydant: ascorbic acid, citric acid.

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